Arizona Food Handler Training Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this Arizona Food Handlers Card Training?

The Arizona Food Handlers Card Training is about 90 minutes.

Who is considered a food handler?

"Food employee" or "food handler" is someone who handles, prepares, serves, sells, or gives away food for human consumption.

Do I need a Arizona Food Handlers Card?

If you are a food handler in Arizona, you are required to complete a food safety course that is approved for use in Arizona, except in Albuquerque. Completing an approved food safety course will award you with a Arizona Food Handlers Card. The card must be issued by an ANSI-accredited training provided, such as TAP Series.

Is this food handler training and test approved for my area?

This program that includes a training and test is approved for use as stated: This training is approved for use throughout Arizona, including these counties: Apache County, Cochise County, Graham County, Greenlee County, Navajo County, La Paz County, Pima County, Pinal County, Santa Cruz County, Maricopa County, Yavapai County, and Yuma County. Coconino County requires the food handler to take your certificate of course completion, proof of lawful presence, photo ID, and $12 processing fee to either the Flagstaff or Page office of the Coconino Public Health Services District to receive your Coconino County Food Service Worker Card.

When do I need to get my Arizona Food Handlers Card?

Within 30 days of starting work.

Is the employer responsible for paying for food handler training?

No, an employer is not responsible for paying for food handler training, since it is the property of the certificate holder.

What do I get when I finish this course?

Arizona Food Handlers Card

How long is my Arizona Food Handlers Card valid for?

Your Arizona food handlers card will be valid for 3 years.

How do I renew my Arizona Food Handlers Card?

To renew, click here and purchase and retake the Arizona Food Handlers Card training and test.

How do I reprint my current Arizona Food Handlers Card?

Go to and click on Print Certificate.